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Thursday, May 19, 2011

FAA CGI-I (1 down, 3 to go)

Just became a Certified Ground Instructor - Instruments.

Pretty easy actually.  All I had to do was to take the transcript from my Fundamentals of Instruction (FOI) written test, and for the Ground Instructor - Instruments test (which required no extra studying, I just did it the day after taking the Flight Instructor - Instruments written) to the local FAA office.

After showing them my drivers license and IACRA (the official FAA certification software) application, I signed the application electronically, and voila!  A CGI-I certificate printed out with my name on it!  No oral or practical test required.

On the same day I got confirmation of my Certified Flight Instructor - Instruments (CFI-I) checkride - May 25th at Addison airport.  I hear I was allocated one of the best examiners, friendly and easy going.

And just to complete the cycle of FAA interactions for the day, I got a notice from the FAA grounding my Sundowner.  It seems that they did a ramp check, and wrote me up for having the nose cowling chaffing on the engine exhaust.  That's a bunch of baloney.  After I had the Power-flow STC (FAA speak for a modification) installed, yes, the cowling did touch the exhaust and some discoloration did happen.  But it was fixed 3 years ago.

So I called my A&P, and he agreed to look at the airplane later today.  If, as we expect, we find only old charring and no current chaffing, he'll write it up in the logs and 49C will be airworthy again at the stroke of a pen.  Funny that, how an airplane can go from unsafe and grounded, to safe and airworthy and have not one person do anything to it.  Gotta love those lawyers and the value they add to society.......

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