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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Breaking Through

October is a break through month.  The little Cessna 150 masquerading as a T-51, the slowest warbird on the field achieved a milestone this month, finally paying for itself thanks to new students.

J. is an 18 year old who graduated from high school last spring, and used a financial windfall to get his private pilot license over the summer.  He started at the local community college this fall, and plans to become a professional pilot.  I wish I'd had his drive and commitment at his age.

Following his PPL, J wants to start on instrument training, and use my little 150 to build time.  We did about 3.5 hours in the Cessna for transitioning into the new airplane (he learned using Piper Sport Cruisers, a Light Sport Aircraft or LSA).  The 150 is slightly too heavy to count as an LSA, but flies similarly with like speeds and performance.  I also used the 150 or my own purposes, and paid the LLC that owns it a dry rental rate.  The combined income well exceeded the costs for the month, and paid for the annual inspection and minor repairs it needed.

So it's moving to the big airport at McKinney (KTKI) next month, where although the tie down cost is more, the runways are better for students and the nice FBO more comforting and comfortable than the rat shacks at T31.  And two more students have said they'll start flying with me in November.  It looks like S&P Aviation and N61EA are lifting off!