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Monday, April 5, 2010

It's So Unfair!!

Yes, I have a teenager in the house. My Oldest Daughter (a.k.a. Thing 1) entered full teenagerhood sometime during this last school year. Complete with zits, boyfriend and meltdowns.

OMG. As they seem to say with great regularity. The moods come and go with regularity, no doubt hormone influenced. But where did the cuddly little thing that I used to have go? The new T1 is never seen, except in the morning at breakfast. The rest of the time, she is 1) listening to her iPod, 2) emailing her friends, 3) texting her friends (but rarely talking to them), 4) watching TV shows on her laptop, (and sometimes on the TV). Sometimes all at the same time.

When she is seen, she is often growling at the world, and being mean to her younger sister, Thing 2. T2 is 11, but showing signs of early readiness for teenager hood, no doubt influenced by T1. At least T2 will do her homework without complaint. I don't think I can handle 2 teenager attitudes at the same time.... but it's coming anyway.

It's Not Fair!