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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

National Treasure III

Starring Nicolas Cage, who sneaks into the Stephen F. Udvar-Hazy museum at night, along with a beautiful, blond (female)  museum docent, and has to outwit all the animated manikins in order to find and remove a priceless treasure.

Finding the 1947 Beechcraft Model 35 Bonanza, they quietly sneak into the airplane, and with a screwdriver and small electric drill, they remove the storm window latch (you can see it in this picture), fire up the engine, and make their escape through the window, (being sure to remain below 126 kts, the placarded max "window open" speed).

Then, finding an open FEDEX office, they mail the precious item to ME, where it is used to fix my Bonanza.  I don't see any other way to get my hands on one.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Sundowner For Sale

Thanks to Karlene, my "Sundowner For Sale" is being seen by more people than I reach from my blog:

Meanwhile, back from vacation, I would like to fly my  new Bonanza, but it is grounded.  I broke the small handle that holds the pilot's side storm vent window closed (and they cost a million bucks)....