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Thursday, May 4, 2017

The Big Update

Well, it's been almost 2 years since I last wrote in this blog.  So what's been happening?

In the Summer of 2015, "D" passed his private pilot test, and soon afterwards, so did "P".  And not long after that, in the late fall of 2015, I lost my job.

Having nothing better to do, while looking for the next position, I checked with a flight school at Addison, which I'll call "AF".  They immediately offered to hire me part time, since I was a 2 year instructor with more than 200 hours of instruction given.  That allowed me to work with their CFI candidates and sign them off for their initial CFI tests.

So for the next 4 to 5 months I flew most days, and also taught some ground school.  By Christmas of 2015, I went over 1,000 hrs total time.  In the spring, I has another 200 hours under my belt, when I found a consulting job, working for a start-up company in the Seattle area.

As the hours grew, and eventually in July 2016 turned into full time employment, I could no longer work with AF's system, whereby the front desk schedules the instructors and airplanes.  I needed a system where I had more personal control over my time, and joined "M", a flight school at McKinney (KTKI).  At M, I schedule the aircraft and myself after consultation with the client (or student), so we find a time that works for us both.  Between my personal flying and a few hours of instruction each week, I'm now at 1,330 hrs total.

I also started working on adding mullti-engine to my commercial license.  I began in a Beechcraft Baron, but the instructor (and owner) had a difficult schedule, and I switched to a different school with a Beechcraft Duchess.  I took my commercial ME checkride between Christmas 2016 and New Year 2017, and failed.  A couple of porblems, one was clearly my fault, the other I think was my instructors fault.  But either way it was a failure (first ever), and now I'm about to get on the horse again and finish. Especially since I'm going to need a BFR - I prefer to get more ratings instead!

In March of 2017 I sold my Cessna 150 - to the insurance company.  A spring TX hail storm broke the canopy and dented the wings and horizontal tail, and the insurance company wrote it off.  Fortunately they are reselling it and I hope it will fly again.

D moved to Cincinnati OH, and tomorrow I'm flying his 172 from TX to OH, and with luck and fair weather, getting to visit the USAF museum in Dayton on Saturday.

Of course, a lot more than this has happened, Thing 1 finishes college in Arkansas next week, and Thing 2 just accepted an offer to attend college in upstate NY.  Our dog died and we got 2 cats.  Still have the Bonanza, thinking about adding ADS-B and a bigger display.  But that's for another time.