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Monday, January 3, 2011

Aviation Radio Humor

On short final to land at McKinney airport, I heard the following exchange between the tower and a Cessna 140:

Tower: “Cessna 4GM, right downwind, you’re number 3 to land on runway 35, behind a Lear Jet on left base. Caution wake turbulence, you are cleared to land”
Cessna 4GM: “4GM, number 3 cleared to land, looking for the Lear”

In the meantime, I landed and was exiting the runway.

Cessna 4GM: “Tower, is that the Lear about to land?”
Tower: “The Lear’s on a 1/2 mile final”
4GM: “Oh, I wasn’t sure. Looks slow for a Lear”
Tower: “Well, see if you can catch him!”


Toriafly said...

Haha love it!

getjets said...

can't help but smile, looking forward to future posts (misstwa) because I really do Miss TWA Airlines