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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Yesterday, Barak Obama won the election to become the first "African American" president of the USA. Expectations are so high, it is inevitable that there will be dissappointment. He won't even be president for another 12 weeks....and frankly, I am afraid of the right wing crazies, racists and Dick Cheney - will they do something to prevent him from being sworn in?

My state (Texas) went the other way - not unexpected, it's Bush country. McCain lawn signs only slightly outnumbered Obama signs in the lawns of North Dallas - perhaps representative of the 55-45 split in the state - closer than I thought. I heard 2 older guys at a high school football game talking about how Obama was the anti-christ, and that "people have to wake up!". Of course, since the Bible says that no-one will know who the anti-christ is, by definition they must be wrong........... After the Rapture, perhaps I can get some of the vacant good seats at the 50 yards line.

Blogging is harder than I would have expected. You've got to have something to say, something that others will hopefully find interesting. Or is this more like a diary? I tried keeping a diary when I was a teen - it lasted about a week. If I didn't find my life interesting, why should someone else?

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