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Thursday, February 6, 2014


What moves me?  Obviously flying and airplanes, things that have enthralled me for as long as I can remember.  My interest in aircraft goes back before my earliest memories:

Me at Heathrow airport with my Mom - and I'm looking at the airplanes
The picture above was taken at Heathrow (London) Airport in late 1958.  My Mom is smiling for the camera - I'm watching an airplane take off.  I look totally fascinated.

What are the other things that fascinate me?  What will I go miles out of my way to see?  Well, my wife Sally, for one.  After 20 years of marriage she still fascinates me.  I don't always understand her, or her me.  But I keep wanting to try and understand her, and know more about her.  The same for my two girls,Thing 1 and Thing 2, although it's different.  Sometime soon they'll fly the coop, and that will actually be a good thing - like fixing up an airplane ready for sale (although I'm not sure that's a great analogy).

I'm currently in Boulder CO on a business trip, and it struck me tonight - what is the other thing that fascinates me?  Food to a degree, but what makes me brave the extreme cold outside is BEER.  Not just any beer, but GOOD beer, well crafted, balanced beer that make you go "mmmmmmmmmmm".  I thought Boulder would have a plethora of great hand-crafted beers, but not so.  Most have been quite "blah" - generally they've been over hopped and over hyped.  But one tonight made me think about a blog devoted to beer, and that was the Irish Red at the Walnut Brewery.  I've never had an Irish Red before that made me want to do a jig before, but I have now.

Next post will have a link to my new blog - about beers I have known and loved.......

I think I'll call it "Beers 2 Go"....

1 comment:

Karlene Petitt said...

This post is priceless! What a fabulous picture that is! Your Mom was beautiful and so proud of you.