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Monday, April 4, 2011

For Sale: 1982 Model Beechcraft C23 Sundowner

N6349C is one of the best equipped Sundowners out there.  Serial Number M-2371 is one of the last Sundowners made, and was used for many years as an instrument trainer by Executive Beechcraft in Missouri, and equipped for the job.  I purchased the aircraft in 2005 with a very low time engine, and used it for my own instrument training and to carry my growing 4 person family around the United States.  The only reason I’m selling now, is that they kept on growing, and I’ve upgraded to a V35A Bonanza.

Originally equipped with all round steam gauges, I upgraded N6349C in 2008 to have full IFR GPS capability, coupled to an STEC-50 autopilot with attitude hold.  Combined with dual LOC/GS ILS, KX-165 Nav/Comm radio, ADF, DME and a WX-8 Stormscope, this is a serious IFR cross country machine.  There are next to no instrument procedures you can’t do. 

For pictures: See this blog, or request a spec sheet in your comment with the pictures in it.  Cover included.  

Also in 2008 I added the Power Flow STC for a tuned exhaust, adding 200 to 300 ft/min to my climb rate, and top speed is now in the 130kt range.  With full fuel and 1 person, moderate temperatures and starting at 600 ft MSL, an initial climb of 800 - 1,000 ft/min is not uncommon (well above book).  I normally cruise at 2500 and 115kts TAS, burning 10.5 gall/hr.  The tail weight makes landing significantly easier than most C23’s, and I have rarely had CG issues (I had to add 50lbs of water ballast to the baggage compartment with my 300lb+ DE for my instrument check ride, but that’s it!)

Specs & Equipment:

5500 TT on Airframe
466 hrs SMOH on refurbished 0-360-A4K 180HP 4-cylinder engine S/N L24864-36A. 
466 hrs on Propeller (Senseich 76EM8S5-O-60 s/n 29392K)
Power Flow Tuned Exhaust STC July 2008 (for extra climb power)
Garmin 430 IFR panel mounted GPS (Nav #1), WAAS (430W) upgrade negotiable.
King KX-165 Nav/com radio (with flip flop buttons) (Nav #2)
STEC-50 autopilot with altitude hold, coupled to GPS and the KX-165 (switchable)
King DME remoted to Nav 1 or 2
Collins 4096 Transponder
Collins ADF
Collins audio panel with ILS marker beacon lights
2 place intercom
WX-8 Stormscope
Lights for IFR night ops (standard navigation, plus taxi and landing lights, strobes)
Tail weight STC P/N169-440005-207 installed 1997 (improves landing and keeps CG away from forward limits)
Bruce Aircraft cover and engine inlet plugs

External Paint – good (7), repainted in 1997
Internal Condition – good (8)
Never based near any ocean


Annual October 2010 – no major squawks
New tires and ELT battery September 2010
Good compression on all 4 cylinders
No metal in oil
IFR certification August 2009
AD’s complied with
Based at McKinney, TX (near Dallas)
My A&P is well known Beechcraft expert, active on Beech Talk

Asking $59,795.27

1 comment:

Jack said...


Nice Sundowner! I assume it's sold by now.

Question for you: The tail weight - was it STC'd for your serial number or did you go through the FSDO for a field approval? My BAC search gave me mixed results. Ours is a few serials earlier than yours (M-2352).

If your A&P is Paul McCracken, tell him hi for me; he did the prebuy on our Baron and did an absolutely fantastic job.

Jack Shelton