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Friday, October 8, 2010

Why do I Like Texas?

Well, it's Home.  With a capital "H".  I moved here in 1982, moved away in 1999, and back in 2006.  All the time I was away, I wanted to come back.  It's Home.

"But you can't possibly like the summers!"  OK, well you got me there.  But when we lived in the North, I disliked the winters even more (at least you don't have to shovel sunshine off your driveway before going to work!).  I thought about the Northwest , in fact Sally and I nearly moved to Seattle in 1997 (the job fell through), but I do like the clear skies of North Texas.  The horizon unblemished by trees, mountains - I do miss the Big Sky when I'm away from home.

Politically I'm a Stranger in a Strange Land here, being a classical Liberal in a Deep Red state, and for those who believe the re-definition that the Republicans try to commit of the word "Liberal", which they try to convince everyone is the same as "Socialist", I say they are not.  Liberals believe in the free market for goods and services, individual freedoms and rights (the opposite of socialism, where these are subordinate to the State); however Liberals like me, also believe that the purpose of government is to govern, and to assist those who need assistance in the name of justice and fairness.  So we believe that taxes are right and proper if they serve the purpose of fair governance.  President Obama is classical Liberal in this sense.

But Texas is Libertarian/Republican Land, especially in North East Dallas/Forth-Worth where I live.  They may be wrong, but the people here are nice, for the most part, and don't really act in line with their political beliefs.  They are generous, law abiding and always polite, even to government officials.  Especially the ones carrying guns.  And the sense of individual freedom here is greater than anywhere else I have ever been.

July, August and early September are times to survive as best you can, air conditioning cranked up to 11 (nod to Spinal Tap).  But October through December, and March through June are glorious times.  The Fall skies are bright blue and severe clear.  The Spring is pretty, with flowers and trees budding everywhere.  The Winter is interesting, with everything ranging from snow, to ice, to 80 degrees and sun - sometimes all on the same day.  And you can fly year round (important to me), and cost of doing so is far more reasonable than in the old country (I grew up in England).

In North Dallas the choice of foods is outrageous - we have Southern, Tex-Mex, and Cajun, all mixed in with Western BBQ, and traditional and new American foods such as Italian, and now Indian.  We lack really, really good seafood (other than Cajun) and Chinese, but perhaps I just don't know where to look.  When I lived in New Hampshire, the seafood and Italian were to best, but I missed all the rest.

So what do I like about Texas?  The freedom, the food, the people, the space, even the weather.  Y'all come back now, y'hear?

1 comment:

Gary said...

Mary and I had a great time when we were in Texas. Way to short of course just picking up our Sundowner at T31.

I'm on board with the hate northern winters more then the Texas summers.....I think in my previous life I had to be from the south. Can't wait to retire and head to warm wx, friendly people and great cooking!